About us

For years now we have been providing services to Businesses, Professionals, and the General public, with respect to compliance with bureaucratic formalities and relations with Italian Public Authorities, such as applications for certificates and the related paperwork. Soluzioni Pratiche provides tailored assistance , from order to delivery, efficiently and rapidly solving even the most difficult cases.

The process aimed at streamlining the Public Administration is making huge steps forward and a large number of formalities can now be processed online; which requires new skills, constant updating, and training qualified staff. Soluzioni Pratiche, thanks to its membership of U.NA.P.P.A. (Unione Nazionale Professionisti Pratiche Amministrative), the Italian National Union of Administrative Practices Professionals, was one of the first agencies in Italy qualified and accredited by Infocamere as a decentralised “one-stop shop” for obtaining certificates and visure camerali (requests for information) from all Italian Chambers of Commerce, and for online filing with the Companies’ Registries.

Since 1982, Soluzioni Pratiche also provides consulting and assistance services for motor vehicle owners, with respect to bureaucratic formalities with the Transport and Foreign Trade Ministries, and all the Uffici Provinciali delle Motorizzazioni, Provincial Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centres. Besides taking care of the paperwork relating to motor vehicle licensing and registration, Soluzioni Pratiche also prepares and submits the formal paperwork for international transport purposes, both inside and outside the European Union.

We are specialized in providing exclusive know how to import-export businesses, or businesses with international concerns, supplying tailored consulting services on all contractual, tax, customs, currency, financial, and technical-operational matters.

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